Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reading Challenge

Alright, so I"m going to give this a try.  Here's the challenge:

1. Read a book outside your comfort zone
2. Read a "chunky book" 500 + pages.
3. Read a book with the letter "S" for September in either the title or the author's name.
4. Read a book that is part of a series.
5. Re-read a book that you consider an old friend.
6. Read something "Spooky" for halloween.
7. Read a book that was recommended to you by a friend.
8. Read one of the books that's been on your TBR the longest.
9. Read a book by a debut author.
10. Read a book with a "fall" theme
11. Reader's Choice
12. Read a book by an author that you love

I'm waiting to hear back if this is actually 12 separate books.  For instance, my current read Les Miserables could knock off numbers 1-3, I suppose.  I suspect I'll end up trying 12 separate reads though.


  1. hey when u hear from them could you plz tell me because i also join the challengue and i have the same question! thnx