Thursday, December 2, 2010

Literary Blog Hop - Poem

Literary Blog Hop

The latest Literary Blog Hop by The Blue Bookcase (link on image above) poses the question, "What is your favorite poem and why?"

I have to confess to not being much of a poetry reader. Perhaps, in my little exercise of reading more widely I need to include poetry (?). On top of that, every time I answer this question (it comes up in discussion with other readers), I always feel like I'm answering with some very 'pop' answer. As if I'm answering "Fallingwater" as my favorite piece of's not by the way, though it's pretty awesome. So, um yeah, my favorite poem -

"The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost

Why? The closing lines.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Those lines speak to the romantic, the idealist, the non-conformist, and the seeker in me. Even recognizing that I am none of those things as much as I would like to be, those lines still speak to me, and inspire me to maybe be more of that person.


  1. I love this poem. Nice choice. I feel like I'm probably missing some larger point with The Road Not Taken but that doesn't bother me too much.

  2. Good choice, Frost is a fantastic writer & I coulded have added him to my list , but I think I over did it anyway.

  3. Frost is one of my all time favourite poets.

    Being a poet, I can’t imagine my life without poetry. I live and breath it. I have loved to read a lot of poets and poetry over the years and still find something new every day. I have gone through phases liking, poets, and moving over to the the next. So many yet to read.

    Here is my Literary Blog Hop post!

  4. I LOVE that poem by Frost :) I agree with you about that last line-it's beautiful and really makes the poem because it's so true.

  5. I LOVE "The Road Nor Taken"... such a beautiful poem.

  6. Oh yes, that is a poem I love...(there are some after all!) Maybe I like poetry more than I thought I did.

  7. If I might be an Ox

    If i might be an Ox
    An Ox, a beautiful Ox,
    Beautiful but stubborn:
    The merchant would buy me,
    Would buy and slaughter me,
    would spread my skin,
    would bring me to market,
    the coarse woman would bargain for me,
    the beautiful girl would buy me.
    She would crush perfumes for me,
    I would spend the night rolled up around her,
    I would spend the afternoon rolled around her.
    Her husband would say:"it is a dead skin"
    But I would have her love.

    Ethiopian(Song of the Galla Tribe)

  8. Great choice. Love poems that speak to us. It's impossible for me to pick one poem. I keep a file of my favorites with me all the time.

    Here's my post: