Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This is Not a Review

I try to finish all of the more "literary" works that I start to read.  I know many of them take more effort, and part of the whole reading more widely experience is in my opinion struggling through reads that are not necessarily up my alley.  So, it's pretty disappointing to give up on Leaden Wings by Zhang Jie.  But I am struggling to find any interest at the moment.

I think it still holds some promise, of me returning to it at some later date.  However, right now...there are just too many characters and little swatches of dialogue/vignettes between these characters for me to keep track of them all. 

The odd thing is I have no trouble tossing most anything else I read if it doesn't catch my attention in the first twenty pages or so.  But, here I've been agonizing for several days over whether I should quit Leaden Wings.

I may need to see somebody about this...

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  1. It's always easy to say "Don't worry about not finishing! If it's not working for you, it's not working!" But then in the real world, I have so much trouble DNF-ing, especially books I feel like I should finish (aka, the literary ones). So you're not alone in it. And if you come back to it later, that means you didn't not finish. You just took an extended break.