Tuesday, August 17, 2010


First post.
Why am I doing this?
I don't know.  Ok, maybe I do.  I'm trying to read more widely.  For years I have almost exclusively read crime novels, and even more specifically hard-boiled crime novels - think Chandler and Hammett over Christie (who I actually like OK, too) and the woman that writes all those 'Cat' books.  After all those years, I finally did start seeing some of the limitations of genre and I came to loathe series books, which seemed to nail down even more formula within the genre.  So, I've started to look elsewhere, and this is where I will chronicle my search of elsewhere with the occasional diversion into my old comforts.  I can't abandon the genre entirely, if for no other reason than I, on occasion, write stories of my own in the genre.
Who is Mr. Jones?
He is somebody who has been through all of F. Scott Fitgerald's books and is very well read.  Yet is still completely oblivious.  He's also probably not a big Bob Dylan fan, because the bard didn't have many nice things to say about him. Which leads me too...
Who am I?
I'm a father to a beautiful seven year old boy named Dylan (and before you ask the answer is yes).
I'm a husband. Happily married 9 years this month.
I design churches for a living.
I'm a huge Bob Dylan fan.
I'm a former professional baseball player.
My favorite book is in constant flux. Currently I'm leaning towards Lolita
I'm currently reading "Sister Carrie" by Theodore Dreiser. So look for the first 'real' post to be about this.
I've not been through all of Fitzgeralds books (I've read Gatsby), and I'm not very well read (that's the point of all this), but I AM oblivious.  Just like Mr. Jones.

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